SKS Graftobian Latex White 8oz

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Graftobian’s liquid latex is considered to be the most versatile of all theatrical makeup items. Uses include crepe wool and small appliance adhesion, appliance edge cover, and creating blisters and wrinkles.

Liquid Latex, Clear  

Graftobian’s liquid latex formula is white when wet and crystal clear when dried. Liquid latex can be used as an adhesive, a sealer, or even to creat skin effects. Therefore, it’s considered to be the most versatile of all theatrical makeup items. Examples of latex uses include: adhering lightweight facial applications like crepe wool as well as creating scars, blisters, and wrinkled skin. Also, coat appliance and wax edges or surfaces with clear liquid latex prior to makeup application. This blends the edges into the skin, giving a more natural appearance. If that wasn’t enough, it can also be used to make latex pieces. The uses for this product are practically endless!  We carry a variety of sizes to meet your specific needs. 

Using Liquid Latex:

Clear Liquid latex remains extremely tacky after it dries. This makes it a fantastic adhesive for everything from crepe wool to glitter. To keep freshly-made scars and blisters from sticking to themselves and everything else, always powder the finished product. This is also important if using liquid latex as a sealer.

Creating blisters: Apply roundish areas of clear liquid latex with a non-latex sponge and allow to dry until clear. Pinch the center and pull out to form a blister. Break the blister and roll edges outward if desired. 

Making scars: Roll dried latex into ridges and seal the ridge down with another coat of latex. 

Creating texture: Adhere household cereals and legumes onto the top of dried latex and seal with another few coats.

Making an exit wound: Apply two coats of liquid latex. Lay on facial tissue and tear off excess. Apply 2-3 additional coats of clear liquid latex using a non-latex sponge, allowing each coat to dry before starting the next. Pinch the center and pull out. Using scissors, carefully cut and powder the wounded flesh as you go. If you don’t powder, the latex will stick to itself. Finish off with makeup and/or blood. 

Tip:  When applying several coats of clear liquid latex, always allow the first layer to dry before applying the next.